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Always read the release notes first to learn what has changed and what adjustments are necessary. Read the release notes even if you are only updating from e.g. 7.0.2 to 7.0.5.

The update of a manager service with a stable release of OSISM is described here. In the example, OSISM release 7.0.5 is used.

  1. Change the OSISM release in the configuration repository.

    1.1. Set the new OSISM version in the configuration repository.

    sed -i -e "s/manager_version: .*/manager_version: ${MANAGER_VERSION}/g" environments/manager/configuration.yml

    1.2. If openstack_version or ceph_version are set in environments/manager/configuration.yml (or anywhere else), they must be removed. If these are set, the stable release is not used for these components.

    1.3. Sync the image versions and files in the configuration repository.

    make sync

    1.4. Commit and push all changes in the configuration repository. Since everyone here has their own workflows for changes to the configuration repository, only a generic example for Git.

    git commit -a -s -m "manager: use OSISM version 7.0.5"
    git push
  2. Update the configuration repository on the manager node.

    osism apply configuration
  3. Update the manager service on the manager node.

    osism update manager
    • If Ansible Vault was used to encrypt environments/manager/secrets.yml, the parameter --ask-vault-pass is also appended. From OSISM >= 7.0.5 this is no longer necessary.
    • If osism update manager does not work yet, use osism-update-manager instead.
  4. Refresh the facts cache.

    osism apply facts
  5. If Traefik is used on the manager node (traefik_enable: true in environments/infrastructure/configuration.yml) then Traefik should also be upgraded.

    osism apply traefik
  6. Finally, the Ansible vault password must be made known again.

    osism set vault password