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Welcome to the SCS Documentation

Find user guides, code samples, deployment examples, reference, community pages and more.

Introduction to SCS

Get to know SCS better and learn about the background.


SCS is currently in Release 6. Check out the latest Release Notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are curious what SCS is all about, what it can do and what it can't?

Existing Public Clouds

There are SCS compliant public clouds in production.

Architectural Layers

Ops Layer

Tooling and infrastructure design for easy, efficient and transparent ways to operate an SCS Cloud.

Container Layer

SCS offers a robust solution for managing container workloads on a Kubernetes infrastructure.

IaaS Layer

SCS offers OpenStack infrastructure solutions based on KVM virtualization to deploy VM workloads and enabling the container layer optionally.

IAM Layer

Working on Keycloak federated identity provider within our Team IAM.

Additional Resources

Get in touch

Come into our Matrix Chat in the SCS | Tech Room.

Come to our Meet-Ups

Our working groups and special interest groups meet weekly or biweekly. When? Find out within our public community calendar.

Standardization in progress

Get to know our current Decision Records and Standards.

Deployment Examples

Get to know different ways to deploy SCS with cloud resources or on bare metal.