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  1. Kubernetes

    This is only necessary if the internal Kubernetes cluster has also been deployed. This can be checked by executing kubectl get nodes on the manager node.

    osism apply k3s-upgrade
  2. Cron, Fluentd & Kolla Toolbox

    The common role of Kolla is used to manage the services cron, fluentd and kolla-toolbox.

    It is important to do this upgrade before any other upgrades in the Kolla environment, as parts of the other upgrades depend on the kolla-toolbox service.

    osism apply -a pull common
    osism apply -a upgrade common
  3. Loadbalancer

    osism apply -a pull loadbalancer
    osism apply -a upgrade loadbalancer
  4. Redis

    osism apply -a pull redis
    osism apply -a upgrade redis
  5. Memcached

    osism apply -a pull memcached
    osism apply -a upgrade memcached
  6. RabbitMQ

    osism apply -a pull rabbitmq
    osism apply -a upgrade rabbitmq
  7. MariaDB

    osism apply -a pull mariadb
    osism apply -a upgrade mariadb